AI-Enhanced Customer Service Assistants:

CHATGPT-Enhanced Chatbots

We build, train and maintain AI Customer Service Chatbots for Websites, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Powered by built-in ChatGPT by Open AI; our custom-trained AI Chatbots can tell customers about your business, answer their questions, recommend your products and services, make appointments, sell products, and more.

Get Your Own Multi-Lingual AI Chatbot for Your Business

AI Chatbots Speak 90 Languages! 

Our GPT4-Powered Customer Service AI chatbots are custom-developed to serve your specific business needs, trained to understand and respond to your client and prospects’ user queries in any language, and continually maintained and improved to ensure optimal performance.

AI Chatbots start at $100 per month, plus set-up.

VIDEO: Customer Service AI Chatbot Interview

Try out the PR Website Agency AI Chatbot on Facebook Messenger.

Start Bot

Start Bot: The basic solution for small businesses in any industry, with up to 10 sales or support requests per day.  

AI’s messages: 1,000/mo

Mid Bot

Mid Bot: Ideal solution for growing businesses with up to 50 customer requests per day.

AI’s messages: 5,000/mo

Big Bot

Big Bot: Ideal solution for growing businesses with up to 100 customer requests per day.

AI’s messages: 10,000/mo

Virtual Assistants AI Chatbots for Websites, Facebook and Instagram

Begin your automation journey now with an innovative, interactive ChatGPT-Powered Customer Service Chatbot greeting visitors. Request a live demonstration of what our chatbots can do at (718) 809-0034

Customer Service Chatbots are designed to cut costs, automate customer service, and streamline your business communications online.

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